Dorota Anna Dahir

Rules of services rendered through electronic equipment or other means of communication

Services could be rendered through electronic equipment or other means of communication.

Law Office expects such customer to fill in proper forms or deliver data, facts and documents that are needed by law office to analyze the case as well as to prepare financial documents concerning expected remuneration for work to be done.

Law Office determines remuneration for its work and when it is accepted by the customer that proves the parties agree to cooperate.

Payment should be wired to the bank account of the Law Office in accordance to the agreement. Law Office shall not submit its work to the customer till the payment is on its account.

Customer is obliged to deliver truthful information, facts and other proofs and documents. Law Office is allowed to ask for more data, information or proofs as needed.

Any questions or claims should be addressed to and through contact details on the sub page 'Contact'.

.. Contractus ab initio voluntatis est, ex post factum necessitatis ..